Medikabazaar’s Success story -@BusinessWorld Magazine

Read the full article of Medikabazaar’s Success story -@BusinessWorld Magazine.Medikabazaar’s Ceo (Mr.Vivek Tiwari) gets captured for the Young Entrepreneurs Award by BW in the Magazine & speaks about the journey of Medikaazaar.    BW – YEA Awards – Starting small and making a lasting impact on the society is the mantra of today’s young […]

PPPs in Healthcare: Need of the hour

Vivek Tiwari, Founder and CEO, Medikabazaar, elaborates on how collaboration between the public and private sectors of the healthcare industry would foster PPPs and encourage investment in India’s healthcare sectorVivek Tiwari Health of the nation is the lifeline for its well being. It is the aggregation of the health conditions of […]