Medikabazaar and seven other startups that made a mark in the IBM Smartcamp for Healthtech 2016.

This startup offers the entire range of medical supplies in a marketplace model thus making buying and selling easier and efficient. Traditionally, organisations had to deal with a large number of vendors for procurement, leading to inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Medikabazaar provides a one stop solution, leading to better time and resource utilisation and increasing output efficiency. It empowers medical institutions to deal with the complex problem of procurement and purchases including logistics planning. The startup works on a pin code based GIS system so that order deliveries be made in the shortest possible time, with engagement of a local supplier wherever possible. They are also engaging credit rating agencies and looking forward to providing SME loan options for smaller institutions linked with their portal to facilitate B2B trading. This will be a unique and first-hand experience for medical institutions to avail such a facility at the click of a button.

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